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Surgical Care For Pets

An aussie puppy

Pet surgery is a complex craft that requires the expertise of a skilled veterinarian due to its intricate nature. At Tysons Corner Animal Hospital, our team consists of seasoned veterinarians and veterinary technicians committed to delivering the highest quality of care for your pet. Our brand-new surgical suite is equipped to provide a diverse range of services, such as spay/neuter, mass removal, and ENT procedures. For more complicated cases, we offer surgical consultations to aid you in making informed decisions about your pet’s care.

What To Expect During a Surgical Visit

Before all procedures, we complete a pre-surgical blood panel to ensure your pet is healthy enough for the surgery. Following approved bloodwork, our team will give your pet a sedative to help them relax. We aim to minimize any stress your pet might experience by providing a calm and loving environment. We will then administer the anesthesia and place a breathing tube to deliver a gas anesthetic and oxygen throughout the procedure.

One of our skilled veterinary technicians will monitor your pet’s heart and respiratory rate, blood pressure, and other vital signs during the entire surgery.

Following surgery, your pet will be moved to a recovery suite where we will continue to monitor their vital signs as they gently wake up. The veterinarian will also call you to let you know how everything went and give you an estimated time for pickup. If you have any concerns or questions we encourage you to call and check up on your furry friend.

Should your pet require specialized care we will discuss the various options available to you, including bringing in or referring you to a specialist. We have formed close relationships with the experts in our field and will be in close contact with them to coordinate followup care.

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Spays and Neuters

Tysons Corner Animal Hospital recommends spaying and neutering your new puppy or kitten. This surgical procedure is generally performed around 6 months of age, though it can be done in adult pets should you adopt a pet that has not yet been neutered. Veterinary science has proven that pets who are spayed and neutered have better overall health, live longer lives and are often better socialized.

Call us to learn more about our veterinary surgical services, or to schedule a consultation.