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Managing Pet Pain

Dachshund looking to left

Pain management is a key component of our veterinary practice. Not only is it part of our job as professionals in our field, but as pet owners ourselves, we never want to see a pet that is suffering.

At Tysons Corner Animal Hospital we follow the latest pain assessment guidelines to help create a customized therapy plan for our clients in need of pain management. These personalized plans include initial examination, treatment, reassessment, and plan revision as needed.

Acute Pain vs. Chronic Pain

Acute pain is a sudden onset of pain or discomfort. This also refers to any pain our post-op clients may experience. Acute pain signs include:

  • Sudden lack of mobility
  • Excessive licking or biting affected the area
  • Lethargy
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Shaking or trembling
  • Restlessness

Chronic pain typically affects our older clients. Unlike the surprise of acute pain, chronic pain is an ongoing discomfort. Signs of chronic pain may include:

  • Decreased mobility: less willing to jump, climb stairs, or run
  • Change in appetite
  • Limping that does not resolve
  • Stiffness in movement or motion
  • Changes in behavior: less interest in socialization
Kitten crawling over golden retriever

How Do We Treat Pets In Pain?

Advances in veterinary medicine have widened our care plans for cats and dogs that are experiencing pain. Effective pain management not only eases discomfort but also promotes healing and decreases recovery time. Following a physical exam and evaluation, one of our veterinarians will create a custom plan to help manage your pet’s pain.

We offer a range of options for pain care:

  • Medication: The use of specialized medications is our primary course of action for pain management. Through our in-house pharmacy, we can generally get your pet the medicine they need quickly. If we do not have a specific medicine at the hospital, we will have it delivered to you directly.
  • Lifestyle & Dietary Changes: Sometimes pet discomfort can be corrected through simple lifestyle changes. For example, a pet with a few extra pounds that is suffering from joint pain may benefit from weight loss to reduce the pressure on their load-bearing joints.

The team at Tysons Corner Animal Hospital takes pain care seriously. If you believe your cat or dog may be struggling with acute or chronic pain, please give us a call. We don’t want your beloved pet to suffer one minute longer. Call us today.