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Sick & Emergency Pet Care

Puppy and kitten standing

We all strive to keep our pets happy and healthy but just like us, they sometimes need a little extra TLC. From tummy troubles to tumbles, our team is ready to help. Our hospital includes a new state-of-the-art surgical suiteand diagnostic equipment, providing our veterinarians with the tools needed to make fast and accurate diagnoses.

Sick Visits

We offer urgent care for our furry friends feeling under the weather. While we do offer walk-in appointments, we recommend calling ahead so our team can be prepared for your visit. Depending on the urgency and need of care, you may have a brief wait before one of our veterinarians is available.

Please do not wait to seek medical help. You know your pet best and you know when something is off. Getting care early not only makes it easier to treat most conditions but it is usually much lighter on your wallet too.

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Emergency Care

Our expertly trained team is always prepared to help your cat or dog in the case of an emergency. We will do everything we can to stabilize your pet before deciding whether we need to refer them to an emergency treatment facility. We have never turned away a pet in need and we never will. Following any sick or emergency visit we will stay in touch with you to coordinate follow-up care as needed.

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When to Seek Emergency Care

You should always seek emergency care for your pet when you feel his or her medical condition cannot wait. The following general situations will help you determine if you need to seek out emergency care for your pet:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Acute abdominal swelling
  • Excessive vomiting or diarrhea
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Exhibiting symptoms of heat stroke
  • Repetitive and prolonged seizures
  • Unable to urinate or defecate

After Hours Emergencies

For emergencies that occur after our normal business hours, we recommend visiting one of the specialty hospitals:

If you have concerns about your pet's well-being please call us and come in so we can give them the care they deserve.